Wooden Fence Panels

These come in various sizes and designs.

Lapped, Close Board, Featheredge, Picket, Post and rail, Swedish and Europa Bays of close boarding, featheredge and post and rail can be made to standard size, Bays or custom made sizes.


Closeboard panels are made with a superior frame work with verical feather boards and finished with a panel cap on top, feather boards over lap.

The timber frame and support timbers are 38mm x 45mm which are fixed with 75mm threaded nails, making this a very strong framework, the feather edge boards are then layed onto the framework and overlapped by 25mm and finished with a panel cap.


Lapped panels have a standard frame work front and back, frame work batton size is 19mm x 38mm, with horizontal slats which are 4" to 6" wide and 6mm thick which are over lapped and finished with a panel cap. Not including the framework there is 3 battons on the back for extra support and 1 on the reverse side in the middle of the panel to which the slats are nailed onto.

Continental Panels

There are several designs in continental panels which includes a diamond Trellis pattern in with the the panel, there are arched shape panels etc.

Picket Panels / Fencing

Picket Fencing is made up with a 3 inch frame work with either 2,3 or 4 foot round top palings attached. This can be custom made or supplied as ready made.
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